Dress up as your favorite literary character or author and enter our Costume Contest for a chance to win prizes!


  1. Your costume must be modest (this is a family event)
  2. Costumes are to be Characters from Books or Authors of literary works
  3. You may enter individually, as a duo or as a group
  4. Points awarded for creativity, accuracy & details
  5. To be eligible for prizes you must enter to win
  6. Entry fees are $15 or $10 for members
  7. Contestants must be present for judging at 2:30pm
  8. Awards presented at 3:30pm
Entry forms will be available at the door

Prize Categories:

Each category has separate prizes for Youth and Adult

Author Acclaim – Prizes awarded for the most accurate and interesting Author outfit

Creative Character – Prizes awarded for the most creative depiction of a Sherlock+Holmes+XXX+high+resliterary character